Documenting Process Calibrator


Accurate up to ±0.015% of rdg. that can Measure/Simulate: DC Voltage, DC Current, 13 type of T/Cs, 13 types of RTDs, Resistance, Loop Supply, Frequency, and Pressure, source pulse trains

Documenting Process Calibrator: DPC-2000

Secondary Standard Precision Calibrator

MultiCal 2500

The Precision Laboratory Calibrator with Superior Accuracy up to ±0.0025% of rdg. Can Measure/Simulate: DC Voltage, DC Current 13 type of T/Cs, 9 types of RTDs, Resistance, Loop Supply, & Pressure (read only). Plus: 9 Setpoints for each output range & type

Photo: MultiCal 2500 Secondary Standard Precision Calibrator

Multifunction Calibrators

Our signal and laboratory calibrators are multifunction instruments designed to check and calibrate your test and process equipment. Our calibrators meet — in a modern and practical way — the everyday needs of Quality and Maintenance instrumentation engineers, both in laboratory and in field work.

Accurate, compact, rugged, easy to use; the ideal solution to measure and simulate: millivolt, volt, milliampere (active and passive loop), ohm, temperatures with thermocouples, temperatures with resistance thermometers.

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