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Importance of Portable Emissions Analyzers for Process & Emissions Optimization at a Cement Plant

Application Note # IA-13-0601

Process & Emissions Optimization

There are many locations that should be measured and monitored with a portable emissions analyzer to maximize product quality, combustion efficiency, safety, and emissions reduction in a cement plant including the following:

  1. Rotary Kiln gas outlet O2, CO, NOx, CO2, SO2, CxHy, temperature
  2. Pre-Heater & Pre-Calciner O2, CO, NOx, CO2, temperature
  3. Flue Gas Conditioning System CO, NOx, SO2, CO2 (such as scrubber, SCR, SNCR)
  4. Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) inlet CO
  5. Main Stack (for CEM back-up) O2, CO, NOx, CO2, SO2, CxHy

Although a CEM measures the emissions from the main stack for regulatory compliance, a portable flue gas analyzer with a high temperature sampling probe is fundamental to measure the parameters that significantly affect the cement process control & product quality, the kiln combustion efficiency, and the emissions generated throughout the cement plant.

The levels of CO, CO2, NOx (NO & NO2), SO2, & CxHy as well as gas temperature should be measured to ensure optimal combustion efficiency of the kiln that will result in fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Instrument Solution

E8500 Plus Portable Emissions Analyzer

The E8500 Plus portable emissions analyzer can easily be used for accurate emissions measurements of O2, CO, CO2, both NO & NO2 for True NOx, SO2, and CxHy throughout a cement plant. The E8500 Plus flue gas analyzer also has sample extraction and conditioning well suited for cement plants with high temperature (2200F/1200C) probes, dust filtration, and a built-in thermoelectric chiller.

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