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Testing the Performance of a DeNOx System Using a Portable Emissions Analyzer

Application Note #IA-13-0502

Using Portable Emissions Analyzers to Measure the Performance of a NOx Reduction System in a Power Plant Boiler

The majority of power plants utilize NOx reduction systems (eg. Ammonia Injection, SCR, etc.) in their power boilers to ensure that the NOx emissions levels comply with current regulations. The frequent evaluation of the De-NOx system is fundamental to indentifying the adjustments necessary for an optimal and most cost efficient operation.

Many power plants use CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitors) Stack CEMS to analyze the total emissions being released from the stack of the power boiler. This information alone is not sufficient to pinpoint any deficiencies in the De-NOx system.

Portable NOx emissions analyzers can be used to accurately measure the efficiency of the De-NOx system. These portable analyzers can provide multiple emissions analyses throughout the combustion process including before and after the introduction of the NOx reductants to allow technicians to achieve maximum NOx reduction.

Instrumentation Solution

E4500 Hand-Held Emissions Analyzer

The E Instruments model E4500 portable emissions analyzer is the ideal instrument for analyzing the combustion gases from industrial boilers in a power plant.

The E4500 can have a maximum of four gas sensors (O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, CxHy) and includes a built-in printer and software with Bluetooth communications.

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