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E Instruments Announces E4500 Emissions Analyzer Provides Total NOx Measurements

At our headquarters in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, E Instruments is always supporting the efforts of our customers—as we continuously research the newest and most innovative ways to detect, monitor, and analyze emissions in the field. In our industry, we’re recognized internationally and domestically because of the dedication that our designers, manufacturers, and technicians bring to their trade. Today, we’re proud to unveil our latest emissions monitoring innovation called the E4500.

Designing the E4500

In designing the E4500, we listened to the professional needs of emissions testers, combustion engineers, auditors, & QC personnel, as well as our own technicians, ensuring the portability of a functional NOx analyzer—for boilers, diesel engines, heaters, and other combustion equipment.

Because our customers hail from a variety of markets and industries, we had to first comply with the United States EPA, and the regulations outlined by the Air Emission Measurement Center. Complying with the conditions of US EPA CTM-030, we’ve designed the E4500 to be the most accurate NOx emissions analyzer available in the U.S. and international markets.

Specifications of the E4500

With the E4500, one of our most portable NOx emissions analyzers to date, you can safely and conveniently measure stack exhaust gases such as O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and CxHy/HC from engines, boilers, burners, furnaces, kilns, and heaters.

Before we ship an E4500 out to a customer, we calibrate and configure each device so that it is as accurate and compatible as the best handheld technology available today. A built-in printer and rechargeable battery pack give it a versatility and added utility in the field, away from laptops and other industrial equipment.

The internal memory of the E4500 allows it to store up to 2000 separate measurements that can be saved manually or automatically before it uploads said measurements by USB or Bluetooth to a compatible smartphone or PC.

Purchasing and Maintaining Your Own E4500

Any specialist in an industrial, academic, or scientific field may acquire their own portable NOx analyzer simply by contacting E Instruments at 215-720-1136. In addition to designing, building and shipping our emissions analyzers, we also recalibrate and troubleshoot all of our devices if our customers ever encounter any issues with them.