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E Instruments Excited to Announce the Launch of a New QR Code App for iOS & Android Devices

We are excited to announce the launch of our new QR code app for iOS and Android devices! After countless hours trying to create the perfect, Easy to Use app for our customers, we have developed one that is accessible for both Apple and Android users. Now, you can quickly save and share combustion and emissions reports using your mobile device (Smart Phone and/or tablet). This free app is available in the Google Play store as well as in the App Store.

In today’s world, almost everything seems to revolve around our mobile devices. From how we watch videos and get the news, to how we navigate to different places and store our favorite photos. Now, gas professionals working in the field can use their handheld devices to help make their job more convenient and faster. There are many great features you’ll get enjoy when using our app out in the field. If you pair your analyzer with a compatible Apple or Android smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth®, you’ll be able to:

  • Remotely view combustion data in from your device.
  • Remotely save an analysis on the analyzer & your device.
  • Generate reports in csv, pdf, or xml format and share the data via e-mail directly from your device.
  • Send and view combustion reports previously saved to your device.

We recommend that customers who rely on our equipment for work to download this free app today. It’s a great asset to any technician out in the field and can help push your company to the next level. Whether you need combustion analyzers for testing needs or looking to learn more information about our feel free to give us a call at 215-720-1136.