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E Instruments Offers the Tools to Measure NO2 Emissions from Diesel Trucks and So Much More

Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) are products of fuel combustion and in high concentrations, can cause adverse health effects. When inhaled, nitrogen dioxide can cause respiratory inflammation, and over time, can decrease lung function and lead to more significant health issues including reduced immune response and heart problems.

It is crucial for business owners whose employees work with combustion engines, diesel trucks, and other equipment that releases oxides nitrogen oxides into the air to use trusted emissions monitoring devices to protect employees from dangerous levels of nitrogen oxides.

Below, we will discuss some of our most advanced NOx monitoring tools. You will learn how they can keep you and your employees safe at all times and how the integrated technology improves your business’s reporting on gas emissions.

Portable Industrial Combustion Gas & Emissions Analyzers

E Instruments has a selection of portable emissions analyzers for warehouses, factories, refineries, car dealerships, and more that need advanced emissions testing equipment they can trust. In fact, one of our most effective products for diesel trucks, automobiles, and other vehicles is the F5000 Exhaust Analyzer that is now available with NO2 sensing capabilities. Because most diesel trucks emit more NO2 than the preferred limits, international regulators have pushed for businesses to prioritize NO2 emissions reduction.

Not only can this device monitor for NO2, but also for CO2, CO, O2, NO, and HC. Features consists of a sample conditioning unit for condensation removal, Bluetooth capabilities and USB cable, automatic data logging, and so much more.

Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Indoor air quality monitors are also essential to detecting dangerous levels of toxic gases in closed environments like diesel truck cabins. With multiple parameter options, our AQ Pro Indoor Air Quality Monitor can sense up to six different harmful gases simultaneously. This device can even wirelessly log data, in real-time, into graphs and IAQ reports.

Training Documents, Videos, Combustion Booklet & More

In addition to the various emission testing devices offered by E Instruments, we also offer many training documents, videos, and other helpful resources to help business owners and workers understand emission testing more thoroughly to help improve worker safety. Our combustion booklet describes combustion analysis including stoichiometric combustion and fuel ratios to help you reduce wasted gases and maximize profits.

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Detecting dangerous levels of toxic gases, including forklift CO emissions, is critical to maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. At E Instruments, we offer a range of emissions monitoring devices to help you stay on top of toxic gas emissions. Explore our selection and get yours today.