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E Instruments Supplies an Innovative Product for the Accurate Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds and Formaldehyde for Air Quality Applications

Of the compounds that occur in solids and liquids, volatile organic compounds are some of the most dangerous. Because of their chemical structures, VOCs evaporate at room temperatures, posing constant health hazards. High concentrations of VOCs can result in headaches, irritation of the throat or skin, and even damage to your internal organs. Here at E Instruments, we know the reason why VOCs need to be detected and measured accurately.

One of our most pertinent indoor air quality monitors, the AQ VOC, specializes in its detection of these potentially deadly compounds—measuring up to 400 different VOC gases in fact.

The Versatility of the AQ VOC

Beyond VOCs, our AQ VOC is your ideal device for detecting formaldehyde as well as ranges of CO2, O2, CO, NO2, H2S, SO2, and NO. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this all-in-one air quality monitor rightly distinguishes itself from the competition.

With the most precise and sensitive of sensors, the AQ VOC can detect VOCs up to 20,000 ppb and CH2O up to 10,000 ppb. All the while, the device can record, and log data in real-time, as it communicates with a wireless Bluetooth printer.

Compatibility and Accessories

Like all of our patented technologies, the AQ VOC has the Bluetooth connectivity and portability to serve any professional or industry auditor in the field. While you’re logging and graphing data in real time via Bluetooth, you can utilize an optional sampling probe or pitot tube, enhancing the accessibility of your device.

A Li-ion battery and AC charger allow you the AQ VOC to measure for the long stretches, with its intuitive menu system, and lightweight design. We include a carry case, and a built-in calibration procedure, so as to ensure the durability and the reliability of the device at all times.

Ideal for Any Air Quality Reading

Because of the design behind our AQ VOC, it can be utilized for air quality monitoring in virtually any environment. Withstanding relative humidity between 5-95% RH, and ambient temperatures of -40 to 257 Fahrenheit, this innovative device remains reliable in the most extreme conditions.

Be it a residential, commercial, or industrial application, the E Instruments AQ VOC will serve any air quality professional, anywhere.