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Monitor and Improve Warehouse Air Quality with the Robust AQ Comfort and AQ Pro

All across our country, men and women working in warehouses are on the front lines of the distribution process which supply our economy with the products we use on a daily basis. Warehouses can become a hectic place, and air quality is a crucial safety issue as it plays a significant role on the workers’ health and their capability to work.


Each and every day, diesel vehicles emit a number of toxic gases like CO, NO and NO2 as they deliver goods to a warehouse. When a warehouse is poorly ventilated it can cause hazardous situations for the employees working in it. Aside from the harmful gases diesel trucks emit, the most common toxic gas that is generally present in warehouses is carbon monoxide (CO), also known as the “silent killer.”


By understanding the impact air quality can have on workers in warehouses, you can take strides to improve air quality and engine emissions tuning and maintenance by monitoring dangerous and toxic gases using a monitor from E Instruments. As a leading manufacturer of emission analyzers, we have devices that are designed to monitor and improve warehouse air quality.


How can we help?


Our AQ Pro Indoor Air Quality Monitor comes standard with many great features that any air quality testing professional needs. Whether it be real-time continuous data logging which is perfect for data review, graphs, and IAQ reports or the wireless communications through Bluetooth capabilities, this product just like all our others are equipped with the latest technological capability.


Along with Indoor Air Quality Monitors that are perfect for the IAQ professional, we also have monitors that are ideal for the HVAC professional. The AQ Comfort provides accurate IAQ parameter testing, and just like the AQ Pro it has features which include:


  • Active Internal Sampling Pump
  • Easy-to-Transport and Durable Design
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Large Internal Memory
  • Temp TcK Input for ∆T
  • And much more!


It’s our mission here at E Instruments to provide state-of-the-art devices, like our various combustion analyzers, to better improve and monitor air quality in places like warehouses, homes, and everywhere else. For more information contact us by calling 215-720-1136.