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Air Quality Monitoring / IAQ

IAQ Meters for Air Quality Monitoring

The New, Advanced AQ Series are highly accurate, durable, compact and user-friendly IAQ monitors, designed to meet the needs of testing professionals in ANY Air Quality applications (Inspectors, Laboratories, HVAC Warehouse, IAQ, Greenhouse, Offices, Commercial, Residential, and many more).

Indoor Air Quality

E Instruments AQ Expert portable indoor air quality monitoring system (IAQ Monitor), manufactured at the E Instruments’ factory in the USA, incorporates the latest and most sophisticated sensor technologies in order to provide precise measurements of the parameters most critical to indoor warehouse air quality.

The AQ Expert is the ideal tool for the accurate detection of a multitude of gases and compounds that may be hazardous to the occupants of a building or warehouse at certain concentrations.

Some of the more harmful indoor air pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) that could cause serious short and long-term health effects can be accurately monitored using the AQ Expert VOC Monitor.

This AQ Monitor can accommodate up to six (6) electrochemical gas sensors (CO, NO, NO2, SO2, Ozone O3, H2S, O2, Formaldehyde CH2O), one (1) infrared gas sensors (CO2) and one (1) PID sensor (VOCs) in addition to measuring Relative Humidity, Ambient Temperature and Barometric Pressure.

The E Instruments IAQ Monitors provide indoor warehouse air quality testing professionals the very latest technology and flexibility in the capability of customizing our handheld AQ Pro and portable AQ Expert IAQ Monitors to incorporate the specific types of toxic gas sensor(s) needed for almost any IAQ application in the field.

By offering the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals the ability to customize their IAQ Monitors to specifically meet their own specific requirements anywhere from 1 gas measurement (CO2 only) up to 8 total gas sensors in one IAQ Monitor, E Instruments’ IAQ Monitors separate themselves from the competition. For our HVAC professionals, the unique AQ Comfort IAQ Monitors is an economical way to enter the growing residential Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing market and provide their customers with solutions on how to improve their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).