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Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


Most Commonly Used

Most combustible gases absorb infrared (IR) light energy at defined wavelengths, providing an adsorption signature for that gas. The principle of an infrared detector is based upon the adsorption of the infrared light at a specific wavelength as it passes through the gas. The more of the adsorbing gas that is present, the more light is adsorbed. The sensor compares the energy emitted by the light source to that received by the detector resulting in the amount of light adsorbed by the gas.

The COMPLETE AQ 200 Multifunctional IAQ Meter has the ability to measure Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Temperature, & Humidity simultaneously quickly and easily!

It also includes interchangeable measurement modules, up to 8,000 data memory points & PC Software Included.

Electrochemical sensors contain electrodes which come in contact with an electrolyte . Any gas that passes this sensor diffuses into it, through the back of the porous membrane to the working electrode where it is oxidized or reduced. This electrochemical reaction results in an electric current that passes through the external circuit.

Older Conventional Procedures

Typically, during inspections of air quality it is determined whether samples should be collected to potentially reveal any possible sources for contaminants. Samples are normally taken throughout the workday in an effort to monitor and regulate any possibility of a contaminant found within the air. Along with the use of detector tube samples to assess the amount of CO2 present in the air, there are also direct reading instruments which have the capability of constantly monitoring with a strip chart recorder. Both low level detector tubes and portable infrared spectrometers can be used to test for indoor levels of CO2.

Today, most CO2 levels are easily detected in seconds using a portable and/or fitted CO2 meter (the most commonly used type is the Infrared because of cost, ease of use, speed of readings, and accuracy).