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Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Efficiency & Conventional Procedures

There are simple ways to either maintain healthy levels of carbon monoxide in a building or to eliminate an already existing problem:

  • Purchase, use, and regularly check carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Replace open heating units (such as space heaters) with direct vent sealed units.
  • Never operate unvented fuel-burning appliances in rooms with closed doors or windows.
  • Keep gas appliances properly adjusted.
  • Have a trained professional inspect, clean, and tune-up central heating system annually and repair any leaks promptly.
  • Make sure a professional you hire uses a calibrated combustion analyzer to prove CO levels to you with a printout.

Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it’s difficult to discover CO without the use of special equipment such as infrared and/or electrochemical instruments. If carbon monoxide poisoning is present it will be determined whether it is acute exposure or chronic exposure. Acute exposure is when a person has been exposed to high levels of CO in a concentrated time frame. Chronic exposure is when somebody has been exposed to low levels of carbon monoxide over an extended period of time.