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Indoor Air Quality Training

Indoor Air Quality Training


Achieving a good level of humidity is ideal because too little or too much can be uncomfortable and even harmful. Low levels of humidity can cause dry skin, body chills and itching. High levels can cause excessive condensation and lead to dangerous effects such as mold. Average, comfortable relative humidity levels range between 30% and 60% RH ambient room air temperature.


  • The average home’s humidity in America can be up to 4 times lower than the appropriate humidity temperatures suggested by ASHRAE.
  • Appliances that aren’t properly working or appliances that aren’t properly ventilated such as dryers can add a significant amount of water vapor to the air in a home.


  • Asthma, which is commonly aggravated by the poor humidity control in schools, is responsible for 10 million absences annually.

Clean Rooms

  • Electrostatic discharges can be produced if relative humidity levels are lower than 30% which can be permanently damaging to electronic devices.
  • The speed of chemical reactions is heavily dependent upon the amount of humidity in a given room